October Letter From Mike: Kids Pickleball Clinic, Halloween Play

Hi All!

New Kids Pickleball Clinic

Many of asked for it, so we have a great Kids Program with Ambassador Matt ready to go! Click here to read about it. Basically, it’s a 4 week class for $160 total. Matt will be the Lead Instructor. He’s an amazing teacher and coach, and has a lot more patience than I do! haha Mondays at 3:45pm beginning on October 16th. There will be 2 groups: Ages 5-9 and 9-12. Club Members can book right away – Non-members can sign up Saturday. Please sign up on your own account, and email [email protected] and tell us your child’s name and age.

Halloween On The Pickleball Courts

Let’s talk Halloween: It’s on a Tuesday. Tuesdays suck. We are not even open on Tuesdays. Other than Taco Tuesday and Ruby Tuesday, what good is Tuesday? So, we will celebrate Halloween on the courts after Halloween, on Friday night November 3rd. Why after and not before? Because you will likely wear the same costume to whatever Jagermeister filled party the weekend before Halloween, and you don’t want to wear a sweaty costume. This year you have 2 options: Wear whatever costume you have, or, dress like your favorite Westchester Pickleballer! For example, to be Tom, that’s easy, get a Joe Biden mask, or Statler or Waldorf, carry around Oreos and soda, and hit a lot of lobs. For me, just get a handsome costume, like a Jason Patric or Tom Cruise, and play amazing well with either arm. To complete the look, see Tom or Sharon to get some gear! Hats $30 Sweatshirts $35 Dri-fit Shirts $30 T-shirts $20

I will be going to Hawaii (Kauai) for the 1st time 10/27 and am very excited! If you have any hookups, recommendations, etc, please let me know. This is also why Halloween is happening after the holiday.

3 and Me Clinic

Some people have been asking what the 3 & Me clinic is. It sounds simple. I(or another coach) play with and against you for an hour. It is great! The coach will discuss many of the rallies right after they happen, and go over what you did well, and what could be improved. Those that have taken them love them as they are filled with great information; shot choices, movement, strategies, etc. Currently offering them on Thursday morning. Possible Sundays at 3 in the future. If you have a group that is interested, we can schedule special times. Check them out here: Clinics

Here’s the Weekly Schedule

This week’s tip: At Octoberfest, do not jump off any height to let your friend catch you! (my back is getting better, thank you all)