Mistakes by Mike, Inappropriate photo???

Stupid Mike

As some of you know, I injured my back Saturday 9/30 at the Octoberfest in Hermosa Beach. Perhaps it was due to the beer. Perhaps I was under the spell of a sorceress. Perhaps I just make bad decisions! After a week of pain I went to the emergency room and found out I have a “Broken Back”; A transverse process fracture, which is is a break in the portion of the bone that extends to the side of the spine.

that is not my actual butt

Should heal on its own in about 4-6 weeks. During the week between the incident and the ER, I played a few games with very limited movement, mostly in flip-flops, so, special shout out to all of you that would up on the losing end to a player in flip-flops with a broken back! You know who you are!

Also in “Mike Blew It” News, in last week’s email I attached the wrong flyer for the Kids Clinic. This time I have the correct one. We hope to start classes this coming Monday. Please share it with other parents.

Clinics and Round Robins

Beginner level player looking to up your game??? Friday morning at 8am we have the Beginner Fundamentals Clinic! Check out all the clinics here.

Looking to play in a Round Robin? Sign up for Friday morning’s 2.0 or 3.0 – maybe you’ll be a Champion!

Friday Night Drinks!

Friday night new place: This Friday night we are going for post-game drinks and dinner at The Humble Potato! We will receive a 20% discount. Please try to combine your bills as much as possible. Also, for those of you that cannot go Friday night, Humble Potato is giving us a 15% discount for dine in or order take out from phone (mention Westchester Pickleball and show this email). Offer is good from October 16th to October 20th. Very Cool! Address is 8321 Lincoln Blvd. You can use the parking lot on the corner of 83rd.

Blood Drive

Mark your calendars, Monday the 23rd from 1-7pm at the Westchester Elks. Give, you have too much anyway!

Halloween Party

Friday night November 3rd. Party at Bill’s House after playing!!!


If you read the 1st paragraph, you might(SHOULD) be thinking, ‘how can i help out while Mike is injured because he’s a jackass?’ Well, if you can help set up in the mornings or break down in the evenings, please reply to me. Much appreciated!

Here’s the Weekly Schedule

This week’s tip: Go to the Emergency Room at the time of injury! Don’t wait! When you get a ball at shoulder height, don’t wait, smash it!