Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Read to the bottom to find out about this truly amazing opportunity! Lots of important stuff this week!

Hey Everyone!

New Certified Coaches!

First, big Congratulations to my protoge Kimmy, and Niket, for passing their PPR Certifications! Oh Yeah! New Coaches!

Paddle Name Bands??

If you have been expecting a MyPadl name band, please take a look at the photo.

We have a bunch but we are not sure who they belong to. If you’d like to order one, we get them at a discount for $8 each. Or you can become a Pickleball Pioneer and get one with your Club Membership!

Saturday Change/Fri Nite

This Saturday we will have Open Play but at a different time, 11am-3pm. Tom will be away tomorrow thru Sunday(YAY!), and I will want to sleep late Saturday because after playing on Friday Night, that’s right everyone, we are back drinking at the Elk’s Lodge at 9pm!! Parking lot is in the back of the building, as is the entrance. Feel free to bring in food if you’re hungry.

New Clinic!

We are offerering a new Clinic this Sunday at 3pm, perfect for the Advanced Beginner/Low Intermediate Players: Fulfill Your Skills With Drills! Also at the same time, Beginner Fundamentals Clinic(also offered Fri Morning at 8), and as always, the Intro to Pickleball Class! The KIDS CLINIC – please share the word with all the parents you know. We hope to get this class going this coming Monday.

Halloween After Party!

For our Halloween Celebration on Nov 3, the post game drinks will be at Bill’s House and free registration is now open! Come on out!

Holy Sh!T! BIG Opportunity

Won’t You Be My Neighbor???

Alright, enough of the usual stutt! Here’s the Big deal! The Opportunity of a Lifetime!!!! My dear friends Matt and Cassie bought a home and are selling their apartment. This complex is amazing, beautiful pool, hot tubs, gym, tennis courts, paddle tennis courts AND A PICKLEBALL COURT! You’re reading this and are already excited, aren’t ya??? Well, to make it even more attractive, a certain Pickleball Ambassador/Coach lives directly across the hall! No, not Tom – they want the place to sell! That’s right, me!!! And who among the nearly 2,500 of you wouldn’t want to live across the hall from me?!?!? Now to warn you, Matt said I can veto any of you from buying no matter how high the offer, but of course I love you all. It is priced at 900k but he already has offers above, and now that you all know about it I am sure it will go for at least a million. Maybe 2! Click here for the listing. Please light up his phone and email, begging to see the place! Tell him I sent you and maybe he’ll buy me a taco. Good Luck!

I’m Mr Rogers. You’re hugging me…

This week’s tip: Buy the place across the hall, it’s awesome!! Also, return safely, and get your feet set at the kitchen before the serving team even hits the 3rd shot.



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